Bringing Gamification to City Guides

This is a concept for a mobile app. The idea was born after spending some time traveling. I love to explore new cities with my camera hanging from on my neck, get lost and get surprised. But it is the surprise itself that often comes missing.

Nowadays, a multitude of apps makes visiting new cities very easy – too easy. Google maps tell us exactly where the points of interest are and the fastest way to get there. Beautiful guides with amazing stock images tell us exactly what should we expect when we arrive there. Sometimes this leads us to leave so much behind or having too much expectation.

Walk to reveal the map

I wanted an App that encourages the user to discover the city on his own.
Inspired by open world video games where exploration is a key factor, I brought this idea to the real world with a map that reveals itself as the user walks.

When the user starts the route, he only can see some blinking spots on an empty space. These spots are city highlights or points of interest, but they will remain blocked until the user reaches the location. As the user walks he unveils the map around him.

Move the slider to see the user’s progress.

Reach the location to unblock the point of interest

When the user reaches a point of interest, he can unblock the location and read all the information about it. This way the user discovers the city on his own, without missing anything.

This project was part of the Adobe xD contest.
Icons are created by Anton & Iren.